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Film Theater

Why Nova Kendra?

Our Concept

One-of-it's-kind Entertainment & Utility Center (EUC) for semi-urban and rural India having Cinema Screens, Retail & Cafeteria,
Digital Utility and other services like smart classroom, tele medicine, healthcare, etc under one roof.

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Image by Rudy Dong
orange and white chairs with lights turned on in a stadium_edited.jpg


2 Cinema Screens of 125 & 64 Seats | State-of-the-art digital HD projectors | Immersive audio system with European speakers | Ultra-white screens

Retail Store

Retail & Cafeteria 

High quality products under one roof at affordable prices and a Cafeteria for local public and Audience under the brands

O Mart and O Café


Integrate major Digital Services like Banking, E-Commerce, E-Governance, etc.

Utility Center


Can be used as an Internet Café, Healthcare, Telemedicine, Smart Classroom, Skill development classes, Pharmacy or any other region-specific activity

Multipurpose Hall

Screenshot 2023-04-26 173558.jpg
Screenshot 2023-04-26 173558.jpg

To be set up just outside the Kendra  as concise sales units for select products/services as per local requirements


MicrosoftTeams-image (104).png
MicrosoftTeams-image (104)_edited.jpg

A specially designed platform in front of EUC, can be used for BTL activities, Product Launches and Meetings 

Outdoor Activation Area

EUC Layout

  • ~17,000 square feet of Overall Land

  • ~5,500 square feet Built-up Area

  • ~4,900 square feet Carpet Area

  • 2-Screen Digital Theater

  • Outdoor area for Events and Activations

  • ATM and Digital Utility Services

  • Cafeteria and Retail Area

  • 10 Kiosks

  • ~500 square feet for Other Services

Sustainable Practices

Sunset on Solar Panels
Sunset on Solar Panels_edited_edited.jpg


  • Independent Electricity Supply

  • Reduced Electricity Bills

  • Positive Impact on Environment

Green Energy

Solar Panels meet 100% energy requirement of the EUC

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Rain on Roof
Rain on Roof_edited.jpg


  • Easy to Maintain

  • Independent Water Supply

  • Reduces Water Bills, Erosion & Flooding

  • Reduces demand on Ground Water

Water Conservation

Rainwater harvesting through roof system to meet water requirements

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