A. 15,000 square feet of Overall Land

  • 4,023 square feet Built-up Area

  • 3,159 square feet Carpet Area

B. 2-Screen Digital Theater ( 100 + 54 Seats )

C. Outdoor area for Events and Activations

D. ATM and Digital Utility Services

E. Cafeteria and Retail Area

F. 10 Kiosks

G. 500 square feet Multipurpose Hall for Other Services


Nova Cinemaz
Theatre 5.jpeg
  • Cinema branding by NOVA Cinemaz

  • Use of cutting-edge technology to enhance moviegoing experience - Audi 1 of 100 seats & Audi 2 of 54 seats

  • The Cinemas are well equipped with:

    • State-of-the-art digital HD projectors

    • An immersive audio system with European speakers.

    • Ultra-white screens

    • Electronic ticketing technology

    • Complete air cooling

    • Aesthetic interiors and

    • Comfortable seating

  • Addressing the challenges of Rural Residents having to travel to nearby towns to buy products

  • Presence of a Mini Mart will make FMCG products accessible to the rural population

  • Access to a Cafeteria to meet the needs of the audience and local public

  • A space for rural population to socialize​



ATM keypad

Services Offered through Digital Utility

  • Bank Account Opening

  • ATM Services 

  • Insurance (Commission on Insurance Premium Paid)

  • Commission on E-Commerce Services (E-Ticketing, Healthcare)

  • Commission on Loan Sanctioned (Business and Home Loan)

  • In line with the vision of Digital India initiative to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy

    • Digital Infrastructure as a Core Utility to Every Citizen

    • Governance & Services on Demand

    • Digital Empowerment of Citizens