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  • Use of cutting-edge technology to enhance the moviegoing experience

    • Audi 1 of 125 seats & Audi 2 of 64 seats

  • The Cinema is well equipped with:

    • State-of-the-art digital HD projectors

    • An immersive audio system with European speakers

    • Ultra-white screens

    • Electronic ticketing technology

    • Complete air cooling

    • Aesthetic interiors

    • Comfortable seating

Final O Mart_21-10-2022.png
Final O Cafe_21-10-2022.png
  • Addressing the challenges of Rural Residents having to travel to nearby towns to buy products

  • The presence of a Mini Mart will make FMCG products accessible to the rural population

  • Access to a Cafeteria to meet the needs of the audience and local public

  • A space for the rural population to socialize


Retail and Cafeteria

Digital Utility Services

ATM keypad

Services Offered through Digital Utility

  • Bank Account Opening

  • ATM Services 

  • Insurance

  • E-Commerce Services (E-Ticketing, Healthcare)

In line with the vision of Digital India initiative to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy, Nova aims to provide

  • Digital Infrastructure as a Core Utility to Every Citizen

  • Governance Services on Demand

  • Digital Empowerment of Citizens


​Kiosks can host multiple Entrepreneurial Activities

  • Homemade Products

  • Toys and Novelty Products

  • Apparels and Fashion Accessories

  • Electronic Goods & Accessories

  • Paan Shop

  • Agriculture Products

  • Fun and Fair games

  • Local Artifacts


Multipurpose Hall

Multipurpose Hall has a lot of potential and can be used for various activities:

  • Online education 

  • Telemedicine services 

  • Health camps

  • Vaccination Drives

  • Teacher Training Programs 

  • Welfare Scheme Literacy Programs

  • Community meetings 

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