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NOVA KENDRA has presented a unique opportunity for me to do something special for the social and economic upliftment for Rural & Media dark  areas of india. Maharashtra will be the starting point for me with a region close to my heart – Solanpada in Karjat, Maharashtra. Our village folk are looking forward for something that is going to be the biggest attraction including a cinema theatre and entertainment and social hub in close to 15 satellite villages. Looking forward to take this Entertainment Revolution to many more such under-served areas.

Mrs. Shanti Singh Chauhan

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Being the enabler for bringing happiness and enjoyment along with access to important services in the currently unreachable sections of the country is what describes my partnership with NOVA KENDRA. Moreover, cinema is an integral part of our society and availability of a movie theatre in these regions is a dream almost every villager has been waiting for.

Mr. Patil