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Low Screen Density - An Opportunity

Indian Cinema is an incredibly active and vibrant industry, surpassing any of its global counterparts. India has been producing more than 1,500 movies annually, even during the pandemic, consistently outpacing Hollywood and cementing its position as the leading producer of movies in the world.

Even so, the number of screens available in the country is only around 9,500.

India is under-screened

India is one of the most densely populated countries and also the highest producer of movies in the world.
However, there aren’t enough cinema theatres to cater to this large population.



India ~9,500 Screens


China ~80,000 Screens


USA ~44,000 Screens



Screens / Million People

To reach even 35 screens per million people, India will see an increase of around 45,000 screens. This demand itself speaks about the potential of Cinema Business which can fetch you the name, fame and attractive revenue.

Low Cinema Access

Out of India's population of approx. 1.38 Billion , 1.03 Billion Indians do not have access to Cinema.​


1.38 Billion

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