VLE Responsibilities 

  • VLE to own/lease the land and construct Warm Shell

  • VLE to enter into a management agreement with NCPL  for managing the Kendra and right to operate 2 kiosks:

    • In FOFO, VLE to manage the Kendra with a Manager and 2 Operators 

Partner Responsibilities

  • To invest in Fit Outs

  • Partner to manage and operate 500 sq. ft. Multipurpose Hall and 8 Kiosks

NCPL Responsibilities

  • NCPL Responsibilities as per Direct Model 

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  • Warm Shell Lease Agreement in Partner Models with NCPL

  • All Agreements are for a term of 15 years

  • Lock - in Period for the first 7 years for VLE and NCPL

  • Exit cost from year 8 onwards

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* Equity Payback calculated on cash flows including GST claims 

Note - Actual unit economics may differ from projections 

Applicable to both parties

Revenue from 2 Kiosks

500 sq. ft. Multipurpose Hall + 8 Kiosks Revenue

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Fixed Fee + Box Office share from NCPL

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  • Warm Shell Lease 

  • Fixed Fee + Box Office Incentive

  • Additionally,

    • FOFO - Management Fee + Variable ​

    • FOCO - NCPL Management

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