Let's Grow Together

Rural India is about see an unprecedented phase of development in the next 3 to 5 years, enabled by new technologies. So far, the small-town Indian has largely relied on two options to uplift themselves – migration to a metro city, or awaiting a large operation to create job opportunities near their town or village.

The NOVA EUC initiative allows you to take control of your future, by playing an active role in India’s next phase of growth. You can partner with us, using whatever resources available to you. There are 3 ways to do this.



A Village Level Entrepreneur is a local businessman who will be in charge of one EUC. VLEs are the most important partners in the EUC’s upcoming entertainment revolution. In fact, the concept of an EUC was born after identifying rural India’s potential for enterprise. Instead of depending on the traditional forms of livelihood in his/her village, any young, dynamic Indian with a zeal to uplift their village’s environment along with their own, can become a VLE.

To Become a VLE:

An individual must own, or should be able to source an 8000 sqft plot of land in their village. With an initial investment of Rs 7.5L, one can take charge of the most exciting project of their village – an EUC! This capital requirement can alternatively be filled by a Master VLE if the same is not accessible to the VLE.


If you can partner with us in more than one EUC, our Master VLE program is more suitable for you. Our ultimate aim is for every VLE to upgrade into a Master VLE one day.



A Master VLE is equivalent to a regional EUC partner. A Master VLE will effectively own ~50 EUCs in a region where he/she has local expertise. Even before launch, there has been tremendous response from investors to become Master VLEs with the EUC initiative. Typically, a Master VLE is an experienced citizen, who has built a deep local network and resources. A common drive among them, is a desire to fuel development in their region of origin. You can mentor and provide opportunities to multiple VLEs by becoming a Master VLE.

The Master VLE of a particular region steps in whenever a VLE is unable to meet the required criteria to develop or manage the local EUC. He/she provides the capital and/or management resources. If you know anyone who shares this desire of developing their local region, we would be delighted to partner with them.



A Strategic Partner can be a brand looking to penetrate and grow in India’s rural market. An SP has the ability to optimise a part of or the entirety of the multi-utility services space in the EUC.

A need gap analysis will be performed for every potential EUC in India, and Strategic Partners will step in to solve those needs. For example, if our analysis identifies ~50 villages in India where there is a lack of retail stores in the particular region with enough aspirational products, an assisted e-commerce platform will step in to fill this need in those ~50 villages.

Another example, is medical facilities. A telemedicine partner can go a long way to fulfill the requirements of villages with traditionally poor quality medical facilities. Similarly, an Edutech partner can strategically target villages as per the region’s skill requirements. We encourage entrepreneurs and subject matter experts to step forward to help satisfy rural India’s varied needs through the EUC initiative.