Frequently asked questions

What is UFO Moviez?

UFO Moviez India Ltd was the first to enable cinema digitization with satellite technology in India. Its technology facilitates the content of the largest number of screens in India. This also makes UFO the largest in-cinema advertising platform, with the power to impact almost 210 Crore viewers annually through 3600+ screens across 1200+ cities, leading directly into the heart of India.

What is Nova Cinemaz?

Nova Cinemaz is the exhibition business brand of UFO Moviez. UFO is India’s largest in-cinema distribution and advertisement network. Nova Cinemaz aims at creating an environment of content sufficiency to the running cinema infrastructures, as well as to provide a one-stop solution to set-up local movie theatres through a standardized model both in terms of infrastructure and experience.

What is an EUC?

An Entertainment cum Utility Centre (EUC) is part of a nationwide project initiated by the Valuable Digital Screens Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of UFO Moviez India Ltd. An EUC which will be a one-stop destination that brings entertainment along with facilities and services, as per local demand under one roof enabling social development in non-urban regions. Each EUC has two sections – 65% of the area comprises of a 96-seater acoustic paneled Nova Cinemaz theatre with German audio system, and 35% for a multi-utility services area. The EUC aims at kick starting an Entertainment Revolution, with a standard model that can be easily replicated in numerous underserved areas.

What will the multi-utility services area involve?

The multi utility services section of the EUC can operate as one or two brands, which will be provided by the strategic partner. Aligning with the Digital India and Smart Cities initiatives this space has potential to act as an assisted e-commerce shop, a telemedicine hub, an e-governance centre, a virtual education provider or even a cyber café. Further, depending on the particular area’s need gap, the service can also be a restaurant, or a multipurpose hall.

Who is a VLE?

A Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE) is a local businessman who will be in charge of one EUC.

How can I become a VLE?

Criteria for a VLE:

  • Need to own a plot of approximately 80 x 80 sq ft land in a pincode with a good demand for a cinema theatre
  • Register with UFO and deposit a token amount
  • Depending on different operating models,sign a land lease agreement or/and management contract or/and property rental agreement
  • Invest Rs 7.5L and arrange for a loan of Rs 20L towards creation of the EUC’s building depending on the operating model
Responsibilities of a VLE may entail:
  • Act as the EUC’s manager, including hiring of manpower for maintenance
  • Operate the F&B business for Nova Cinemaz and the EUC as a whole
  • Adhere to Nova-defined SOPs and guidelines for theatre
For more details visit operating models section under the Nova EUC page.

Who is a Master VLE?

A Master VLE is a regional partner who brings business expertise relevant to the local region. A Master VLE acts as aggregator of the VLEs in a region.

How can I become a Master VLE?

To become a Master VLE,

  • Take responsibility of a region with ~50 EUCs
  • Assist all VLEs in that region with operating their respective EUC
For more details on Master VLE, please visit Operating models section under the Nova EUC page.

Who is a strategic partner?

A Strategic Partner provides the technologies and branding required for a profitable operation of the multi-utility services section of the EUC.

What would be my responsibilities as a Strategic Partner?

  • May provide branding to the EUC
  • Provide services and/or products as per the local demand
  • Operate the non-theatre part of the EUC on a rental arrangement with the VLE/MVLE

Do I need to know how to run a theatre?

The VLE need not have prior experience in operating a theatre. They are expected to follow the standard operating guidelines. Nova Cinemaz will ensure content distribution, VSAT delivery and a computerized ticketing system. Standard Operating procedure and training will also be provided in order to run the theatre successfully.

How can I get involved with this project?

There are a number of ways to partner with the EUC initiative. You can choose to be either of

  • VLE
  • Master VLE
  • Strategic Partner
Depending on your ability to invest in the creation of the EUC's building, and your ability to manage the EUC's day-to-day operations, there are 4 operating models you can be a part of.
  • VLE Direct
  • Managing VLE
  • Investing VLE
  • Landowner
These are described in detail in the wesbite's Operating Models section under the Nova EUC page.

How much money would I need to invest?

An investing VLE needs to provide Rs 7.5L as an investment towards construction of the EUC’s building, thereby becoming owner of the property. Rs. 20L may be sourced as debt. Nova Cinemaz will provide a guaranteed rental income to the owner.

During registration, why are we asking for personal details such as family, marital status and education?

The concept of Village Level Entrepreneur has been introduced by Nova Cinemaz to encourage local aspirants to become entrepreneurs themselves and also uplift their community. Family's involvement in the business, has been a successful Indian tradition which builds trust. Running the daily operations of NOVA EUC is going to be a high-involvement process, and engaging your family members to help reduce costs, and provide a source of income and ownership to maximum members of the family and close community has many benefits.

The VLE's educational profile enables Nova to assign the appropriate strategic partner, and other responsibilities to the VLE.

During registration,why are we asking for pincode related information such as road connectivity, internet connectivity, popular sources of entertainment in area?

NOVA EUC is a long-term commitment and partnership with the VLE. It also involves a significant investment by both the concerned parties. For this we need to understand the detailed profile of the pin code as well as the need gaps in the area. The local onground information enables us, to not only take an informed decision to partner, but also plug the local needs possibly with the help of a strategic partner for the center to run successfully. The local know-how also gives us a sense of VLEs understanding of the area and increases our confidence in assigning the responsibility of managing that centre.